Places To Visit

Codrington CollegeThere are many beautiful places to visit during your stay in Barbados. Below is a list for some of the more popular attractions across the island:

The Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge, on the border of St Philip and Christ Church, opened in 2009 as result of an initiative by BirdLife International, The Barbados National Trust and concerned environmentalists on the island. The refuge provides a safe haven for the thousands of species of shorebirds that pass through Barbados during winter migration. It also provides the opportunity for bird watchers to see rare birds that cross the Atlantic.

Mr Wayne Burke of Birdlife International, who is running the project, can be contacted at 433-2616.

The buildings of Codrington College seem to have been lifted straight from an Oxford quadrangle yet blend perfectly with the surrounding hills and trees of  St. John. Christopher Codrington, planter, scholar, soldier and philantrophist, died at Codrington in 1740 leaving his two estates in Barbados to an institution of higher education in "physic and chirurgery, as well as divinity" so that good might be done to men's souls and their bodies. The College is now affiliated with the University of the West Indies(UWI) and functions as the Anglican Church of the Province of the West Indies.

Nestled on a cliff overlooking the coast, Andromeda Gardens was originally developed in 1954 by the late horticulturalist, Iris Bannochie, with exotic plants and blooms from around the world creating one of the finest botanical gardens in the Caribbean. She left the property to the people of Barbados following her death in 1988.

It is now under the capable stewardship of horticulturalist Vicky Goddard, who has taken over the care and development of the property for the Barbados National Trust.

Harrison's Cave has been transformed into a world-class recreation experience with a brand new facility as of January 2010. The breathtaking underground journey takes you past the bubbling streams and cascading waterfalls whose pure clear water helps create the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites spread throughout the cavern. You cannot help but be amazed by nature's mastery as you journey through this living sanctuary. There is a ten minute pre show that takes you on a historical tour of Barbados and the origins of the cave, prior to boarding the trams and taking the ride of your life. Don't miss this opportunity to see one of the world's wonders.

Folkstone Underwater Park and Museum

This small museum has a display of marine life that inhabits Barbadian waters. The Underwater Park is a snorkeling trail on the Dottins Reef. There are picnic tables, good parking and public facilities.

Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flower Cave, located on the rugged cliff tops at the northernmost point of the island, is a large sea cave with several huge chambers filled with pools, unusual rock formations and a few sea anemones. Guides accompany visitors through the cave. The informal cafe serves cold drinks and sandwiches and there are numerous cliff top benches with shade provided by coconut leaf shed roofs to sit and enjoy the wonderful scenery.