Getting Around in Barbados

Barbados offers many breathtaking sights and natural beauty all around the island. Please note however, as you travel, Barbadians drive on the left side of the road.  Also pay careful attention to our road signals while driving, since our island has several narrow roads, roundabouts and the occasional steep hill or blind corner. Here are just a few tips to getting around in Barbados:


Directions & Maps

Barbados' road network provides many signs that inform you of where you are and directions to where you want to go. Feel free to ask any of our friendly locals - if you are up to the challenge of following their directions. Maps of Barbados are also freely available at information booths at our airport or at your hotel. Some Car Rental companies also provide road maps or carry a GPS service in their vehicles. Be sure to indicate your preferences before selecting your car rental dealer.



Hiring a car is the best way to appreciate the beauty and character of Barbados. Persons seeking to obtain a Barbados Drivers License should travel with a valid National or International License. Local driver licenses can be issued by authorized car rental agencies or at any local Police Station. When hiring a car, pay attention to the demonstration of  the vehicle as most models are different to those in other Caribbean destinations.  Always note the emergency number of your rental company to contact in case of emergency. In Barbados vehicles drive on the left and seat belts are compulsory. Always ensure to secure your possessions and lock your vehicle when unattended.

Other rental companies on island offer you the ability to rent a scooter, ATV or bicycle. Always ensure while travelling that you wear the necessary protective gear provided.   Hired vehicles in Barbados usually carry "H" on the number plates.

The speed limit for most roads in Barbados is 60 KM and 80 KM on desginated highways.


Private Taxis & Tour Bus Operators

Another way to travel around the island is by using a taxi service.  Most hotels have an arrangement with a taxi operator or company, and these operators can be contacted by visiting the front desk or concierge. The fare charges are based on the distance travelled and in most cases are fixed. One should establish with the driver before starting your journey what the fare is likely to be.

Tour Bus operators and some taxis offer tours around the island to some places of interests and other sights. You can contact your travel agent or hotel to have this arranged.

Private taxis in Barbados bear "Z" or "ZM" on the number plate.


Public Transportation

There are two types of public transportation in Barbados:   

Transport Board Buses  - These are government buses and are usually identifiable by being predominatly blue with a yellow stripe(some buses carry large advertisng campaigns at the back and sides of the buses).  These buses are a popular and cost effective way to travel around Barbados. A one way journey usually cost about $3.50 BDS or $1.75 USD.

Mini Buses/ Vans - These are privately owned public transport vehicles - mini vans (predominantly yellow) and maxi taxis (white with a maroon stripe - usually referred to by the locals as ZRs) which also cost $3.50 BDS for a one way journey.

Do remember you need to signal the bus to stop since public transport vehicles only stop or pickup passengers at bus stops. Bus stops (black and white striped poles with a predominantly red sign at the top) usually indicate for travelling to the city or from the city.

Public Transport buses in Barbados bear "B" or "BM" on the number plate.