The Newly Renovated Yellow Bird Hotel

Located in St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church The Yellow Bird Hotel started as a condominium which was built in the late 1970's early 1980's by a gentleman by the name of Olaf Jorgensen. Mr. and Mrs. Chatrani took over on January 1st, 1997 with just over 50% of the enitre property comprising 8 studios, the two bedroom penthouse suite, the restaurant, a housekeeping room and several rooms in the basement. Recently, the hotel's owners made the decision to to close for much needed renovations as they began to receive alot of complaints from their guests stating that the rooms were tired. They would get feedback stating that the staff is amazing and the views are lovely, but the rooms are outdated. It was the goal of the hotel owner Mrs. Geeta Chatrani, to ensure that Yellow Bird became a true boutique hotel in every aspect possible. The hotel was closed for a 12 week period to facilitate the major overhaul. In addition there were some structural issues that needed to be addressed which included cracks in some of the exterior walls, a leaking roof leaking canopies, drainage issues in the car park and short handrails. Revenue was lost as they invested into the change, but little to no revenue would have been generated because they were closed during their typical 'slow' season and reopened fully booked for Crop Over.


So much has been done to upgrade the hotel such as new canopies, new colour, amazing lighting and new landscaping with beautiful flowers. From the outside, the plant has a totally new look. On the inside the building was totally gutted, re-tiled and furnished with all new fixtures and furniture. The two things that remain the same would be the staff and the beautiful view which can be seen from all guest rooms. Yellow Bird is excited to say that they will be able to welcome a new market, that being the couples/wedding market as all of the rooms now have King Beds as opposed to two full beds which they had prior to renovations. Arrivals for the winter period are set at December-90%, January-93% and February-100%. Bookings are moderately coming in at the moment for the upcoming winter season and they are currently getting lots of walk-in guests. Yellow Bird Hotel is currently in the planning stages of a re-opening event where shareholders and others can come and view the renovated property. Since renovating, one more person has been hired part-time to assist with maintenance and gardening. In terms of security measures, Yellow Bird is currently planning on adding more cameras to the outside of the plant, however, there are cameras on the inside and adequate lighting inside and out of the hotel. The property is marketed in many ways such as, Bookbarbadosnow, Expedia,, IHB, BHTA, Trade Shows, Yellow Bird's website and social media such as facebook, pinterest and instagram. The hotel's facebook followers absolutely love the changes and can't wait to come and visit the property, especially the repeat guests. Many questions are received from persons with regards to rates and serviced offered. 


Photos and videos during the renovations have been posted and as a matter of fact, Mrs. Chatrani along with her Operations Manager leah Gibson, posted a closing video which caught alot of attention from their repeat guests. Also, the photos fostered alot of discussion on the forum. Yellow Bird's rates have increased slightly since renovations, but based on the feedback they have been receiving all of their guest absolutely love the changes and they agree that it was much needed and some guests even gave their input when tiles were being selected as well as the over-all colour scheme. Operations Manager Leah Gibson is confident that the guests love and appreciate the changes especially the fact that they were a part of the process and were kept updated very often during the process.